Chris Vajanyi (03-07-17)

Model: Chris Vajanyi

IG: @ChrisVajanyi

Agency: MSA Models

Where are you from?

Born and raised in Melbourne, FL.

How old are you?


How long have you been modeling?

Just on my second season now, about 10 months in.

Why did you want/choose to model?

My mother really was pushing me to get started and I was interested in learning about the fashion industry, without having to pay for a degree.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done as a
model (a show, presentation, campaign, etc.)?

Pal Zileri in Milan was definitely one of the coolest experiences in
my career for runway.

What’s one thing that you believed was true
about modeling, but learned was false when you became a professional model? 

That you get free clothes and live a lavish lifestyle.

When you’re not modeling, what do you do with
your spare time?

I recently became an intern/ PR manager at a jewelry shop in NYC named
VERAMEAT.  Otherwise, I love to do
personal photography or just kick back and relax on a rooftop with some friends.

If you weren’t a model, what would be your
ideal job?

If I never took on the opportunity of being a model, my ideal job would
actually be in the same industry but on the producing side of things. 

What is your goal for the future (within
modeling and life in general)?

To make an imprint in society and be successful in whatever I decide to
do. I’m very impulsive. 

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