How To Help Sudan

Here are a few places you can donate to in order to help the people of Sudan: 

If you are unable to donate, there are other ways you can help:

  • Sign this Petition for the UN to Investigate the Human Rights Violations that Occurred on June 3rd in Sudan by the Military
  • Call your member of Congress. Call 202-224-3121. State your zip code. When connected, tell them you support helping the people of Sudan or send them George Clooney’s Essay.
  • Text RESIST to 50409 and it will help you contact your members of Congress/elected officials and tell them to help the people of Sudan.
  • Post on social media to spread awareness. Use your platform, no matter how small it is, to share what’s going on. If enough of us speak up, it’ll make a difference. It’ll at least make more of a difference than being completely silent.
  • Screenshot and change your profile picture to the color blue to stand in solidarity with Sudan. This specific shade of blue is in honor of the Mohammed Mattar, a 26-year old engineer and graduate of London’s Brunel University who was shot by the Sudanese Rapid Support Forces while attempting to protect two women. This shade of blue was his last profile picture on Instagram.
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